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Den Wat Catering is a family run company led by head chef, Denis Phillips. Denis has been in the catering industry for over 30 years. His passion for creating dishes began when he was still at school. “We did cooking classes, which I really enjoyed,” he says. “It seemed like I just had a knack for it”. His mum couldn’t keep him out of the kitchen.

Once Denis finished school, he went to college and started his training to be a Chef in his hometown, Leicester. Once he’d qualified, he worked for a private hotel. He then moved on to work at more prestigious places such as The Grand Hotel. Denis gained considerable experience working there.

The next stage of Denis’s career saw him move to Germany. There, he spent a few years working at the 5 Star Hilton International Hotel. “It was a great experience. I had the opportunity to work with Chefs of different nationalities. I was able to cook a broad range of foods and dishes, which added to my repertoire.”

On his return to England, Denis moved to London. It was here his career got a boost, making it to head chef status, whilst working at The Gloucester Hotel and The BBC’s headquarters. “These are amongst the busiest restaurants I’ve worked in, my going abroad definitely helped prepare for that.”

Den Wat Catering specialises in Corporate and Fine dining. Along with English, French, and Vegetarian dishes, we also provide Caribbean cuisine. You may prefer private dinner parties at your home or workplace, we cater for those as well.

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